Nano Vista

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NanoVista's CAMPER SC 2-in-1 model has all the features of our indestructible NANO goggles: resistant, light and super flexible; but now with a magnetic sun clip to protect the eyes from the sun's rays! Thanks to their blue block and anti-reflective lenses, they will protect children from UV radiation in just one "clip". Available in different colors and sizes.

With Nano Solar Clip, children will be prepared for any activity in their daily lives quickly and comfortably. They will be able to use a single goggle for school, home and outdoor activities. In just one "clip", they can turn their Nano Indestructible glasses into sunglasses, protecting them from harmful UVA/UVB radiation thanks to their anti-reflective, BlueBlock, polarized and category 3 lenses.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review