Slastik Eyewear

Slastik Eyewear

Specialists in optical technology 

After years of investigation, at Eyewear From Barcelona® we have become experts in applying the latest optical technology to all of our lenses. For this reason, we designed the perfect, unique glasses. All Slastik® products are the result of the continuous improvements in technology and constant design. Four lines of products are available, specifically designed to adapt best to every person and situation, placing us in the lead of applied technology in optics.

Slastik Sun®, glasses specially designed for sportsmen who practise extreme sports. SportProof glasses.

Slastik Optical®, for those who spend their day out and about, making the most of it until the very last second.

Sport Optical®, glasses designed for those sportsmen who need a higher dioptre. They incorporate a visual comfort system which reduces the optical distortion caused by fatigue.

Slastik Kids®, the most fun, colourful, dreamy, comfortable, adjustable glasses… allowing the smallest in the house to live a thousand adventures without having to worry about their glasses.

With our attention to detail and ambition to continuously innovate, we work to always design the perfect glasses for every situation. Equipped with a flexible band which provides the perfect fit to your head, our glasses are designed to eliminate any rubbing or discomfort. You won’t even realise you’re wearing them.

Our history and ambitions

Slastik® was founded in Barcelona towards the end of 2011 under the name of Eyewear from Barcelona, a city known for being at the forefront of innovation, design and fashion. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to designing new models of glasses with a magnetic frame, always applying the latest technolgy and guaranteeing a high quality of materials, product and service. 

All of our glasses are distributed throughout Spain, however we aim to offer our specialised products in a way that they are available to all. At the moment, Slastik® can be found in almost 45 markets around the world, and continues to grow outside the country.

We commit ourselves to the challenges of quality and innovation in the same way that we commit ourselves to our customers in their day to day life, whether they be fond of reading, professional or amateur sportsmen, or children who wake up ready to conquer the world.



Equipped with a flexible band technology and made with innovative materials, our products are the reflection of our ambition to always be at the forefront and produce high-quality products.


We always work in accordance with our unique and exclusive methodology and production, providing our patents as a guarantee of quality within all of our models.


With our designs being subject to constant innovation, our models present an incredible multifunctionality and are designed with maximum comfort and suitability to activity in mind.


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